Saturday, January 1, 2011

Life is what happens when your making other plans.

That qoute is a quote by John Lennon, an I had posted it on my Facebook page a couple of weeks ago. Laying here in this Hospital bed at 5am on New Years this quote is now very surreal to me. I woke an am in pain an can't go back to sleep,.so, I thought I would try to give an update:.....first Appendicitis is suppose to be a very minor surgery an condition. Nothing really to get to worried about if usually caught in the first 48hrs an very soon if your Appendix busts....or it actually could be fatal. My further problems is probably due to the fact I got seriously ill late Sunday night....I went to bed Sunday night became ill through the night with cold sweats an severe abdominal pain, so, I literally stayed in bed asleep until Wed, when I managed to get up an shower an visit with my kid a little who came by to see me. Anyone who knows me, knows when I'm in pain, or sick I just sleep. The problem is I was asleep, went to bed Sunday an during that time my appendix sign of Appendicitis is you can have severe abdominal pain, an then it goes away an your just sore, but you feel better just sick. Usually that is a good sign with Appendicitis its not....because it means your Appendix actually burst releasing life threating toxins into your body, that if not treated in time can be fatal. After all the Great Harry Houdini died of a ruptured appendix. Usually one of the signs of Appendicitis though is extreme nausea an vomiting, but I didn't have that at all. My only symptoms were again non-stop cold sweats, an initial severe abdominal pain. When I decided to come to Texas for the holidays I planned everything out very carefully to make sure I was back in town Thursday the 30th, because I had to work at Tantalum on Friday New Years Eve, an bring in the New Year. I picked flight an flight times very careful an everything was set in stone for me to be back in SoCal by Thursday night, confirm on Friday with my extra guys was bringing in for the chaotic night to be. So, needless to say when I got sick Sunday that wasn't at all in my plans, but I very rarely get sick...maybe once a year with the flu, or something. Since I been over here, staying at my sisters pad I had been stuffing my face non stop because of all the Holiday food that was cooked, pies, cookies, you name it, an I decided to just indulge, so, when I first felt the signs of an upset stomach it didn't surprise me that much. So, I thought I might have a touch of food poisoning, or, something with sleep an a few days rest would cure, so I went to bed Sunday an didn't get up until Wed for a few hours, went back to bed early Wed night around 10pm knowing Thursday I would catch my flight back to LA. However I awoke feeling really sick again around 3am, so this time I busted my laptop out, an hit WebMD, an a bunch of other medical sites an sit there until 7am reading...after searching, an reading for a few hours around 5:30 the word Appendicitis came up with my symptoms....first things came up were Galstones, Hepatitis, an some others I read about that didn't match, but not really even considering it could be my Appendix, but as soon as the word come up, an I read the symptoms knowing I had a plane to catch that day....I went "oh no" I just got that instinctive feeling an at 7am text my ex-wife who still had been helping with possibly getting me a Dr's appointment if I needed I said I think I have Appendicitis. That was a very hard text to send because I had been setting there debating in my head what should I do....should I just suck it up, not say anything an fly home an work at Tantalum Friday night an then if I didn't get to feeling better go to the Dr. in Cali, but I knew if it was Appendicitis flying on a plane with high cabin pressure could burst my appendix, but the thing that really set me up in bed while reading a medical forum was a guys post about how his burst appendix almost killed him. I read his entire story his symptoms, an I got chills knowing my case an symptoms were exactly like his, an there was a good chance my appendix has already burst an had been a few days already why my severe abdominal pain had went I really realised I had to make the right choice because the wrong one could kill me. So, I decided to see a Dr before I would get on the plane just to be sure I was OK enough to fly an that it wasn't what I expected it was Appendicitis. So, my sister called Harmony who works for a Dr at Baylor Medical Center.....she pulled some strings an within an hour I was setting in front of the Dr being examined to where as soon as he examined my abdominal area said when did this start again, an I said Sunday ....where he kinda turned white an repeated his question. When? I said, its now he said....we have to get you to the ER right now you may have Appendicitis, an was gonna call an Ambulance to transport me from his office in Baylor to the ER in Baylor, but I insisted I was fine to walk an it would be faster, so he called had me set up as soon as I hit the ER I was back in the ER where as you know sure enough it was my appendix they scheduled emergency surgery to remove it. If everything had of gone as planned I should have been out by noon Friday, but do to severe chronic pain an the fact I had waited so long to seek treatment. I'm still here, but hopefully things will turn around today an I can get out of here. I just wanted to say thank you all so much for the calls, txt messages an support it truly means a lot. Please keep in mind I had a moment of boredom an my pain had subsided enough that I could set up an type all this blog post out on my phone, but I have really no idea how its gonna look, so if its all jacked up just chalk it up to pain meds, an cell phone posting. Happy New Years!
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