Friday, June 27, 2014

The World Famous BBQ Show

I really had an amazing time yesterday during my interview on the world famous BBQ Show. Hosted by Q, Joe Sav, and my very good long time friend, the beautiful Ms Tiffany Brazil. I was also happy to be able to get my very good friends, and the amazingly talented band, The Vicious Kinids on for a live spot, and they killed it, just like I knew they would.

Keep an eye out for them, as they are getting ready to drop their new LP in a couple months. I am looking forward to getting my copy, and I hope you are too.

Enjoy the show, be sure to follow me, and all the amazing talented artist on our social media.

Be sure to catch The BBQ Show with Joe Sav, Q, along with Tiffany Brazil, Thursday's at 7pm on Betelnut Radio


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Thursday, December 12, 2013

Whats my name?

This is just absolutely brilliant. Enjoy, and you're welcome.

What's really making you fat?

It blows my mind how much my weight fluctuates. A few weeks ago, I was up around 186lbs, and I weigh this morning, and I am down to 166lbs. That's twenty pounds I have lost, and I am not doing anything different, really. I didn't start some crazy diet, or exercise program, or even change my eating habits at all. I think it boils down mostly to the thing that I feel is the worse thing on the planet for our health, and that is stress. Three weeks ago, I was going through a lot of anxiety, and stress, which we all do at times in our chaotic lives.

I really do think our bodies respond when we are in a positive state of mind. When, we can overcome our fear, and emotion, and become at peace with oneself.

Of course a lot of people when in a positive state take a lot better care of themselves, but like I said I have not really changed a thing in my day, to day routine, and I was baffled when I stepped on the scale this morning, and it read 166lbs, because I was still expecting to be up around 182lbs, and this isn't the first time this has happened to me, it happens quite frequently throughout the year. If I let things really go to my head on a negative level, and become too focused on things out of my control, I will find in a couple weeks I have weight gain of ten, to twenty pounds. I am not a comfort eater though. Just because I am having some difficulty in life, or an obstacle I don't resort to eating for comfort, but still my weight goes up. It's very interesting to myself, why this may happen. I mean, I am not a Dr, Nutritionist, or anything, but I have really never read a thing that tells me stress alone can make you gain weight, but it sure seems to in my own personal case.

The other thing is with that twenty pound loss, or gain. I really don't change that much. I mean I feel a little thinner, but it's not some drastic change in my body, but I have seen other people lose, or gain that much, and it is VERY noticeable.

I think when I am working a lot, and feeling positive, productive, and happy, and, in control my body follows how my soul feels, and burns calories better, and is more efficient, when I let something negative influence my life, than the opposite. I think my body doesn't work as efficiently.

We have been preached to, for so long, about how our eating habits are the real culprit of what our bodies look like, and just in the last few years are we hearing about what a detriment stress can be to our daily lives, but, can it really be something that can control even how much we weigh?

Could it really be that simple, feel good, weigh less, feel bad, and weigh more?

I don't know the jury is still out for me, this is something I just figured out for myself, after really stopping, and thinking about it. It's been going on for years, but just recently have I started really taking note of it.

Anyway, what are your thoughts, and your conclusion? I would love to hear your thoughts, and opinions.

Of course, I also swear my truck runs better when it is clean, and has been recently washed!!

Friday, December 6, 2013

What we can achieve today with new technology is truly remarkable.

I have to admit that to some extent I am a news junkie, or, a junkie of web scouring. I find, and read, and watch dozens of video's, and articles on a everyday basis. So, much of what I find is based in such negativity this day, and time, that most of the time. I don't ever feel compelled to share. I mean, if it's something so shocking, and negative that it has that kind of downer impact on me, why on earth would I want to pass that along to some other poor unsuspecting soul. Every now, and then I come across these little gems, and they are so inspiring, that they do inspire me to share.

A Fathers love for his son, can be, and in this video, is a truly remarkable thing.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Thumbtack Scam?

That's the question I had been asking myself for a little over a month since signing up for the new Thumbtack service.

Is it real, or too good to be true? A few years ago, I signed up for another lead service only to buy a block of leads to find out it was totally a scam, and as quick as the website showed up on the web, it disappeared.

So, when I actually saw the ads running for Thumbtack on Facebook, I was very leery this time around, but I decided to give it a fair shot, and see exactly what I could find out, and if I could verify myself whether it was a legit means of finding potential photography customers, or was this gonna be another scam, that offered something that seems legit, but would never deliver, and they would just walk away with your hard earned money.

Well, I have done a Vblog hopefully answering your questions. Is Thumbtack a scam, or is legit. Ultimately you will have to be the judge, and judge by your own experience, failure, or success with the lead service.

Below is a video documenting my own experience as a Professional Photographer using

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Hold On We're Going Home

Being an aspiring Music Video Director, and having produced, and directed a couple music video's myself, I follow, and keep a keen eye on new released music videos. I try to know them all, and what's hot, and what's not.

I absolutely loved this song by Drake the minute I heard it a month, and a half ago. I immediately downloaded it from the iTunes store, and have been waiting in anticipation to see what they would do with the Music Video, well dunn dun duh dunnnn, it's here.

I just finished watching it, and as much as I absolutely adore the newer cinematic approach to music videos, I was very disappointed with this one. It just falls flat for me, and doesn't really catch the essence of the song for me at all.

Drake, has had some cinematic video's in the past that have, like for instance, *Find Your Love*. That video to me is the very essence of what that song is. It feels real, but his latest video, and the latest Cash Money Production, just missed the mark with this one in my opinion.

The song, had all the fixings, to be another video like Justin Timberlakes VMA winner, "Mirrors", but they didn't even come close.

Still love the song though, and I am sure more people will like the video, than dislike it, and I don't dislike it, it's just not enticing to me. It just missed the mark.

Take a look, and let me know what you think.

Drake ~ Hold On We're Going Home from OctobersVeryOwn on Vimeo.

Monday, September 23, 2013

iPhone 4 texting lagging after iOS7 update.

If you are like myself, I was actually very excited about the new iOS7 update. I have a newer 3rd Generation iPad, that I knew should run the new software fine, but I was worried about my older iPhone 4, but after using the new iOS7 on my iPad with no significant problems, and a little research I decided to take the leap, and downloaded the new Apple Operating System.

Everything seemed to go off without a hitch. I checked apps, you name it, and everything on my iPhone seemed to be working fine, for a few hours I noticed no major problems after the upgrade. Then low, and behold, I decided to text a friend of mine who is in New York for a Indian Larry Block Party, and as soon as I started trying to text her, my texting didn't even show up. I couldn't even figure out what was going on at first, but after writing a word, or two, and waiting a good five, to seven seconds, my text showed up.

I was horrified at first because this was a MAJOR issue, one I knew, I would not be able to live with. I immediately began looking into going back to iOS6, and downgrading, and hoping my backup was sufficient for the process. I did a quick Google search to find others were having this exact same issue, and some of the post were made a couple days ago. I felt like an idiot for not doing a little more in-depth research before clicking the install update feature.

With all that being said I knew my phone was all backed up, so I decided to start doing some general reset's, and see if that changed anything. I first powered off my phone, and did a cold reboot, nothing, still same problem, but I decided to go into setting, and do a full feature reset, which will reset all wallpaper, volume settings back to the factory default. Low, and behold this worked perfectly, so I decided to do the following video showing exactly what I did to get my texting working properly again, and at normal speed for my Verizon 32gig iPhone 4, updated to iOS7. I hope this works for you as well. Try Settings; General; Reset all settings.