Monday, February 6, 2012


So, if you were like me, yesterday during the Super Bowl than you might have been pre-occupied with the party, and missed some of the commercials. The commercials, are truly one of the best things about Super Bowl Sunday. For that reason I bring you.


1. CHRYSLER - Clint Eastwood.
What can you say, with the economic issues facing this country today. This commercial really was something different, from the funny catchy typical half time ads. I think for myself, and a lot it was......inspiring.

2. BEST BUY - Phone Innovators
I really love this commercial, and getting to put a face with some of the most inventive people who have made our lives easier in the advancement of so many little gadgets that we now so take for granted in our cell phone.

3. CHEVY 2012

4. HONDA CRV - Matthews day off.

5. AUDI - Vampire Party

6. E-TRADE - Speed Dating

7. SKETCHERS - Mr Quiggly

8. BUDLIGHT - Herewego

9. Volkswagon - Dog is funnier than the Vader Kid.
This one may have confused some if you haven't seen the Volkswagon commercial with the kid in the Darth Vader costume. If you haven't seen it I will include a link here. The Force - click here
I personally think The Vader Kid is epic, and a lot funnier than the dog, but that's just me.

10. H&M - David Beckham
This one def was marketed to the females Super Bowl audience, as I found it pretty gay, but as an artist I can appreciate the art aspect of it. I know, gay as well.

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