Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Kony 2012

I've tried to be quite about the whole Joseph Kony thing. The whole thing just makes me smdh. Kony has been raining terror for the better part of two decades.

I remember using Kony in conversation back when we were getting ready to invade Iraq to get big bad Saddam, and all the people talking about how brutal he was for gassing the Kerds, and I said if that is a just cause to invade a country than why on earth havent we invaded Africa, and went after Joseph Kony? When I brought it up, people would just sit with a blank look on their face, because they had no idea who Joseph Kony was, but they had bought all the pre-war propaganda about Saddam. So, why until now is Kony becoming a household name?

Oh, maybe because he is black, and his victims are poor, and black, there are no natural reserves of oil for us to get our hands on. Now, after all this time a film is made, goes viral on the net, and all the sudden all the brain dead Americans who have never kept up with world news are all up on their soapbox and want to march into Uganda, and capture Kony.

Here is a news flash for you peeps. Joseph Koney is as old of news as Bin Laden who until Sept. 11th 2001, most of you didnt know who he was. The US, has been after Kony for over five years. Most experts say he isn't even in Uganda anymore, and there is some very logic speculation that he actually isn't even alive any longer. Sound familiar?

The only ones who will, and are benifiting from the Kony video are the film makers themselves. If this whole thing wasn't such an attrocity, I would honestly be laughing about it.

It makes a LOT of people look like fools, but with that being said there is a lot of evil stuff that goes on in the world, and a lot of it is in our own back yard. So, like Ron Paul says. It is not our job to be the World Police. We need to get our own house in order, and take care of our own problems, and if we are gonna get involved, or get all wound up over an issue as this you don't wait for well over 10yrs of brutality before you decide to take action when a little well produced video comes out. Learn to read an effin book, don't buy into all the hype, and Propaganda before you educate yourself on an issue.

Some of you need to pull your head out of the sand, and learn to keep up with world events, like you do Jersey Shore, and American Idol, and if you choose not to, don't get all wound up over something that is old, old, news on the world stage.

Long past time something should have been done about Kony, more than likey he is no longer with us.

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