Friday, March 13, 2015

Let me tell you a little story about a band, named, "Vicious Kinids"

A few years ago, a very good friend of mine came to me, and said he knew this band. This band wanted to enter a contest sponsored by, and for, Jameson Irish Whisky battle of the bands contest.

They wanted to produce a video of some sort, so, they could enter, I mean the bass player in the band is actually named, "Jameson", how could they miss an opportunity like this?

Unfortunately, they didn't know anyone, or have any idea how. "Thats where I come in" They were a new band, even though all in the band, are pretty much lifelong musicians, they hadn't been together that long.

It sounded interesting, and I am always interested in music type video projects, plus, I LOVE helping new indie talent, so, I showed up, and said we could wing it, and see what we could get, just let me have whatever recorded track for your video, and I will do the best I can. ....well, they didn't even have a track recorded at the time.

So, I was like how in the world can we match the music, for the video, with no professionally recorded track? I was like I can shoot your video, but if you guy's have no music recorded, well, we are dead in the water. I said I didn't bring any sound equipment, or a sound recorder. Do you guys have one? No, they said....

Luckily the violinist, Agnieszka, spoke up, and said well I have a dictation recorder that I use to play into, so, I can see what I am sounding like. I said well, lets try that, "I am the King of improvise"  So, I had the band play into the $50 dictation recorder a few times to get their track down, and then we went ahead with filming the video. So, on the fly, with no shot list, or any kind of real planning, or pre-production at all in the next couple hours we filmed this video, which "WON" the contest!!

Fast forward to today, and a few years down the road, they now have a very professional EP recorded, and produced by the late great, Ikey Owens, of Mars Volta fame, who also played with Jack White, and who passed away last Oct. while on tour with, Jack White of the White Stripes.

I have watched these guy's blossom, and really move into their own over these past few years. We have done radio interviews together, shots of Jameson, and other things, and have become the absolute best of friends, and nothing could make me happier than hopefully seeing these guy's one day ink their big record deal. They are very talented, and truly deserve's their time.

I believe in their music. I believe in their talent, and that's why I chose to work with them for absolutely no pay for their initial video. Remember, when I said I LOVE helping new indie talent?

Now, that they have a little production money together, they have returned to me, and my team to have their first "REAL" professional music video produced, for their new, hit track, "California" and I could not be more excited. I will be producing the video, and Directing the video, Corey Cruz Molina will be handling all cinemaphotogaphy, and D.O.P.

We had initial plans for filming to start the first week of March, but do to scheduling conflicts, and our Cinematographer, Corey Cruz Molina being out of the country on other projects, we were forced to reschedule everything for next month. Everything happens for a reason, right?

Filming will begin, the 22nd of April, and we are very close to having a deal with Sailor Jeery to help with some production stuff, and promotion, and advertisement, once the video is complete, and released. The video will also be promoted through, the most amazing Social Media Platform on the interwebs,, if you don't know what tsu should find out. Ask me, I'll be glad to inform you.


Find the Vicious Kinids, on their tsu page, and follow them, to keep up with their scheduled shows, and exactly what they are up too. Vicious Kinids

Sailor Jeery, are also, lending us their custom vintage, Sailor Jeery, truck, and Harley Davidson, both should make very nice props to add production value to our new video endeavour, and we can't thank them enough.

Once we've completed the video, and post production is complete, Sailor Jeery will also help with promoting which is very exciting news, for a brand of their magnitude to get behind it. TSU, will also be promoting the video through the network, so, this is all just great news, and all involved in this project feel very blessed to be a part of. Thank You, Sailor Jeery, and TSU

Be sure to check out the Vicious Kinids at their website:

Now, without further ado, check out their new hit single, "California", be sure to download it, from iTunes, and take it with you, but listen for free now on SoundCloud.

We will be dedicating this video in memorial of the late great, Grammy award winner, Ikey Owens


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