Monday, January 9, 2017

Amboy, California - Deserted Desert Town

Hello Beautiful People,

This is actually a continuation of my Kelso Dunes Vlog.

I actually shot this the exact same day after leaving Kelso Dunes headed back home to Joshua Tree.

There was just so much footage that I had to split it up, so not to have an hour long vlog.

The Deserted Desert town of Amboy, Ca. is literally on the way so I decided to make a quick stop in, and give you guys a look around. This little desert destination has been the location for a couple music videos, and even a movie or two that were filmed out in this little Mojave Desert Ghost Town.

On the way home I also made a quick stop out at Amboy Crater and am looking for feedback if you guys think it might be worth it for me to go back, and make a #hikeitout vlog out of it.

Hope you guys enjoy the vlog.

Remember your feedback --good, or bad is very much appreciated. So, feel free to comment, and let me know what you think.

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Thanks for watching guys! I truly appreciate it!!

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