Thursday, January 12, 2017

Mt Baldy - Hike it out

I'm finally getting around to editing, uploading, and posting my video from my ascent last November of Mt San Antonio aka Mt Baldy. The 1064 summit was my very first and has really created a passion in me for hiking, climbing every decent sized mountain in Southern California. before I venture north to take on bigger, taller mountains, such as Mount Whitney, and possibly Shasta.

This was my first mountain vlog, and it's lacking, but I really hope to make a few very interesting winter ascents mountain climbing vlogs. I have all the winter gear to winter camp overnight. The only thing missing is an ice axe which I will hopefully get by next week.

I'm all signed up for the #SixPackofPeaks2017, so I will without a doubt hopefully be ascending some mountains in the very near future if all goes well.

I have to apologize as this vlog is lacking as I started having some major camera issues at about 9K feet, so, I am not sure if it was the altitude making my camera sick or exactly what it was, but I had a battery meter showing 40% battery, but my video camera literally just died about 30min before I reached the actual summit of Baldy.

Luckily I was able to get some still shots which literally saved the day.

Since signing up for the SixPackofPeaks2017, it's a given that I will actually be doing Baldy again this year, and I am planning a snow ascent hopefully here in the next month or so. Should be interesting. So, stay tuned!

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