Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Twitter Whore's Galore!

So, I have had a twitter page since signing up March of 2009. I think I actually had another account at one time, but abandoned it. Anyway, so first I will say this. I was all onboard when I first signed up for Twitter. I had read an article saying that it was going to be the next BiG thing, so, after reading the article I went back, and re-created a new account because I couldn't remember anything about the first one I did.

Anyway, so I got all signed back up, and was just kinda confused by setting there looking at my account home screen. I was like hmm, not impressed, I just kinda don't get what is so cool about this site. Anyway, I decided to really give it a try for a week, or two. I had no followers, and had no idea who to follow, or really what to do, but a couple day's after signing up. I went to a celebs Myspace page, yeah myspace, and she had a twitter link on her page. It was Brooke Burke, so, I clicked the link, and clicked follow. I still had no idea how the twitter thing really even worked. Anyway, long story short, through the first couple weeks trying to use it, it was pleuged with problems. I would continue to get error messages that it was over capacity etc. So, finally I just got frustrated with the whole thing, and kinda left it dormant. I had really about that time really started doing a lot of facebooking, and making the total transition over to facebook from myspace. Yeah, I was a dedicated myspace user. I spent lots of time, on doing my own professionally designed myspace site, and I had close to 10,000 friends, and just like twitter, I wasn't impressed at all with facebook when I first saw it. I thought it was totally lame. I eneded up starting a facebook page, after a debate at the offices of my old job. MMAagents one of the interns there, and myself along with the owner, and my still good friend, Ken Pavia was discussing which social media site was the most popular, and one of the interns was saying that facebook had just caught up to myspace, and passed it by Alexa web traffic ratings. I was like no way, that will never happen. My youngest son was actually in town and visiting at the time, and he was just laughing because neither of us could ever immagine facebook taking out mypace.

Anyway, I went home, and decided to sign up for a facebook account just to keep, an open mind, and I realized it would be perfect to keep up with everyday people I actually know, family, and friends. Keep my myspace for networking, and my photography use my facebook as a personal page. So, once my facebook was created I started getting some friends request from people I did not know, and I declined them all. My myspace page had become this monster, that I had a hard time keeping up with, and it had become impossible almost to keep up with anyone I actually knew using that site. As matter fact just checking my myspace earlier I have close to 800 unread messages on there, 799 which is spam, but who wants to sift through to find the needle in the haystack. Anyway, so, I would not accept anyone on my facebook page unless I actually knew you. So, once myspace really started to just get annoying because of all the new site design, and updates, and spam central. I actually started using my facebook all the time, and finally moved over like everyone else, but I didn't pay much attention to my twitter account, because I was all about facebook now. Then a friend insisted a start a fan page, and I was like damn another page to manage. Anyway, I've gotten way off track, but I just kinda forgot about twitter all together. I had enough on my plate already. Anyway, when I got my new HTC Droid Incredible it came with a sync program called friendster that linked your facebook, and twitter feed. I set it up, but was annoyed by all the twitter feed clogging up the screen, and couldn't find my actual facebook status updates by friends, so I quickly just got rid of the twitter feed. I had never promoted my twitter page really, but some how had come up with a little over 130 followers, and I wasn't even ever tweeting at all, but like a week ago a friend of mine suggested on my facebook, for me to download, and try TweetDeck for my phone. So, he is a game programmer, plus he is Asian which makes him really smart, so I decided to try the app, so I downloaded it, and it kinda looked weird at first, but on initial setup, it had a sync setup for all my accounts. So, I decided to setup my facebook, and actually set up my twitter. I got it all setup, and it looked pretty complicated at first because it really isn't at all like the facebook site, or the twitter site, so I kinda didn't know what I was looking at for the first few minutes, but after playing with it for about 5 minutes I was astounded that I could update my facebook status, and twitter status at the same time, by just pressing the fb icon, and twitter icon, or I could just do one, or the other. The other thing I noticed was the tweet feed which I had never even checked really on the twitter website. All the sudden I could see exactly what the people I was following were tweeting.

The coolest thing was when I lived in Huntington Beach. I actually shared a house with Razor Rob McCullough , and Ken Pavia. We all lived under one roof in downtown Huntington Beach. I also continually, hung out with one of Robs best friends, and owner of Huntington Beach Ultimate Training Center  Tiki Ghosn, but after moving to Long Beach about 20 miles from HB, I kinda fell out of talking to any of these guy's any longer. We were all facebook buddies, but I tried posting on their pages a few times, an never got a response. So, I was like well, I guess these guy's stardom has all taken off, and they probably don't have time to respond to me any longer. So, I just stopped posting, and left it at that, but back to twitter, I actually saw a tweet from Tiki on my feed, so him, and Rob are like a freaking comedy show with their overly gay overtone jokes to one another, and I saw a tweet Tiki made, and I responded @tikighosn Hey, that Razor Rob guy is really built. He must workout...and within like two minutes I received a tweet back from Rob saying @ravholly Hey what are you wearing? Where, I responded @RaZoRob why, I'm wearing my sexy, Sailor outfit, Sailor! and that was it. We have all been tweeting pretty much non-stop since. It was really cool to also be able to keep up with exactly what was going on with the lead up to UFC123. I knew Tiki was going to be heading to Detroit to either corner Rampage, or be their for support, since they are training partners, and such good friends. So, I got up Thursday morning, and see a tweet by Tiki saying he had missed his plane, and he wasn't happy about it at all. It was so weird because after all this time, I consider myself very tech savy, all of these guys use to ask me how to use this, and that when it came to computers, and they have all been on twitter using it for some time now.

I all the sudden had a real epiphany, and felt like an real idiot, but I was really proud I had downloaded the tweetdeck, because that is what it took to open my eye's, an really get me into and excited about twitter. So, I was so into the twitter thing now I was laying on my couch the other night, and I saw a tweet from Dana White who anyone who is fan of MMA knows is the President of the UFC. I have been in an around Dana serveral times, but never really myself approach him to talk. I'm just a fly on the wall taking pictures of events etc when he is around, but I saw a tweet from him saying he was in LA for the Premier of the new movie with Mark Wahlberg The Fighter. I had seen the trailer already, but really didn't look very entertaining to me, plus it's a boxing movie, and I am way more into MMA these days, even though I still love a good boxing match, but after the movie I saw a tweet from Dana saying the movie was amazing at that Christian Bales performance was Oscar worthy. So, I was a intrigued, so I got up, went to the computer because I was using twitter on my phone reading tweets, but I went to he computer, and looked up, and watched the trailer for the movie, with a new found interest. I mean if Dana Fking White loved it, then I will probably like it too. So, I sent Dana a tweet saying, @danawhite Wow, I wasn't impressed with the trailer initially, but if you liked it. I now look forward to seeing it. It's on my must see list. To where he sent me a direct tweet saying the movie was amazing, and Christian Bale is seriously the best actor of our generation. Which, don't get me wrong Bale is a pretty good Bat Man, and I thought he was pretty amazing in American Psycho, but I have yet to see the Machinist which he lost all the weight for, but in my opinion Bale isn't even close to in the same league as who I think the best actor of our generation is, which is Daniel Day Lewis.

Daniel Day Lewis performance in My Left Foot, Gangs of New York, The Last of the Mohicans, and then he totally blew my mind with Their will be Blood. Are you kidding me, Bale doesn't make an acting pimple on Lewis backside in my opinion. So, I sent Dana a tweet, saying I beg to differ, Sir..Daniel Day Lewis is the actor of our generation. To where Dana, again tweeted back to me. click here to read response So, Dana, and I returned a few more tweets, and then he said he was boarding a plane headed back to Vegas I believe. After our tweet conversation. I was back again laying on my couch looking at tweets on my cell phone, and I stopped for a second, and thought to myself. How fking crazy is that... I am laying on my damn couch basically having a text message conversation with he President of the UFC, and all because of twitter. I am like this site is freaking amazing.

So, the next morning I woke up, and thought well if I like the mobile version of tweetdeck so much, there has to be a version for your desktop. I did a quick google search, and found the website, and sure enough, there was a desktop version. So, I immediately downloaded it, and then spent a few hours linking all my social networking sites together on it. Twitter, Facebook, Myspace, Foursquare, Linkin, GoogleBuzz. Out of all of those I only really now use Twitter, Facebook, and Foursquare, but have the option to post to any of those sites by via just pressing a button.  I will say since I have been on twitter. I have been able to contact several old friends, and people I had lost contact with. I hadn't talked to my good friend Erin Tietsort @erintietsort since her days as one of the stars on Sunset Tan. I met Erin right before, because she was friends with some of the guys I knew, and hung around, so, we got to be friends, and when I met her, she told me she was on the show Sunset Tan, and I had no idea, but she also told me she was from Oklahoma, so me being from Texas, and had actually just moved from Texas when I met her, and was brand new to Los Angeles, and she actually was too, we had an immediate kinship for one another, and had been staying in touch with one another mostly on myspace back then, but then Sunset Tan the show blew up on E, and I lost contact with her, and hadn't talk to her in probably a couple of years at least. Needless to say, I saw I had her as one of her tweets, as I was following her, and I tweeted her, and sure enough got an immediate response, and we chatted, an got caught up on what we have been up too, etc.

So, the long of it, is twitter is absolutely amazing, it is like txt messaging for the web, is the best way I can explain it. I use to think why do you need to be on twitter because isn't a facebook status just the same thing as twitter, why post to twitter. It is but not really, because you are sending a message, or status directly at someone, just like a txt message on a phone, and you can have 1000's of people following you, and you can be following a 1000 people, and you get all their messages immediately, no, wait, no haggling or having to go to individual friends pages to see what's up. Also, following different news sites, you know what is happening right now, without having to go to their website, to see, what's going on, because if your following them, it will be in your feed.

So, I am twitter crazy now, and have the fever bad, and have been reading online info to learn how to really use twitter, and implement into my business social media marketing plan for my photography, and am super excited about the possibilities.

So, if your on Facebook, and your not using twitter, because you think, I have facebook, why do I need twitter, I'm telling you to at least give it a shot, you have nothing to lose, and everything to gain,

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