Monday, December 6, 2010

Rosalie Mona - Parts of her life

Behind the Scenes Video Shoot of singing artist Rosalie Mona.

A few months ago, I was invited to be on the set of a new upcoming artist from across the pond's music video shoot. I'm a still's photographer, but watching so many really good still photographers, these day's making the leap to film production, to doing Music Video's really had me curious to just what all goes into making a music video.

Since moving to Los Angeles in 2006, actually I moved to the OC, and Huntington Beach when first moving to Cali, and that is the difference between night at day from LA, but that is another story, back to music video production. Anyway, where was I, oh yeah, since moving to Southern California in 2006, I have been lucky enough to land some pretty interesting gigs. I have been on the set of an episode of CSI-Miami being shot, where I took stills, and was able to take stills of CSI-Miami star Emily Proctor. I ended up on set the entire day, and got to actually sit, and eat with the entire crew at lunch back on the production crew lot. It was an eye opener, of what a slow process making moving images is, and how many people, it actually takes to produce what we take for granted to watch on TV for an hour.

I also, was able to do stills for an ABC Pilot of a show that was called Life on Mars. I actually shot stills for the initial pilot episode, but anyway back to Music Video. Rosalie Mona is an up and coming music Artist who believe it, or not was actually discovered on her Youtube page, crazy I know, but the honest truth. See a video of her on her youtube page Click Here. Anyway, she actually lives in France, or somewhere over sea's, and upon getting to her video shoot, and talking to the producer, Fabio Lo Cascio he tells me she actually speaks very little English, so needless to say I was really mesmerized by how well she actually sang in a language that was all but foreign to her. After sitting, and watching multiple takes, over, and over, and over of the same 15 sec clip, it really occurred to me, what a slow paint drying process it is to create music video's. I was actually very intrigued but bored out of my mind at the same time. It gave me a whole new profound respect for the people who create moving images, or film, and the artist themselves who have to stand there, and do take, after take.

Anyway, with out further ah do here is the short 3 min clip of the behind the scenes I shot with my cell phone. I just put the video together and considering I shot it on my cell phone. I don't think it came out to bad. I am in the process of trying to find the right, and buy new video editing software, so I put this vid together with the trial version of Cyberlink Movie Director. I had been using Sony Vegas Video Pro for years, but I have a very old edition, and it was on my computer that crashed, and the hard drive died, so I have been shopping around for new video editing software, and not settled on any one yet, but anyway here is the video of the behind the scenes footage I shot.
I also have to apologize for misspelling Rosalie's first name in the video. DOH!

Anyway, I know it is a little slow, and a little boring, but you get the idea. Now, here is the finished product, and the end of the video is the footage I got. Enjoy

To check out any other music from Rosalie Mona feel free to visit her website at:


  1. Waouw Rav! I love what you wrote! Thanks a bunch for this review, me mlikey very much! :)


  2. Two thumbs up, bro! Your blogs are very good...when's the book coming out? should consider writing a book, if you have not started one already.

  3. Thanks you both for the very kind words. I really don't have much confidence in my writing skills, or style, so the kudos, and the fact you enjoyed what I wrote. Really, made me feel like it was worth doing. :)

    Thanks again!