Tuesday, March 1, 2011

What's your favorite show?

I pose this question, because most of you will automatically think of a show that is on network, TV.

With me it's different. I don't do much TV any longer. When I moved about a year ago. I decided against hooking up, and moving my Charter TV cable. I come to the realization some time before I moved I was just waisting money. I had about a $140.00 dollar a month cable bill, and I sometimes went 2 weeks without setting down, and watching TV. So, when I moved I moved the TV, but not the cable.

I myself really don't miss it at all, like I thought I would to begin with. It's such a waste of time. There is a reason why they call it an idiot box. How'ever like all human beings from time, to time. I do like to be entertained, and I find I can find more entertainment on the web than I can ever have time to look at.

As far as talk shows I was always a fan of Conan, and Chelsey Handler, so, sometimes I missed those shows, but being a long time reader of Joe Rogans's blog on his website. I was ecstatic when I found out he was going to be doing a live Podcast, and I watch, and catch up on his podcast shows when I have time.

Podcasting is the new medium, it is the new media. I have actually bought a new High Definition video camera, and putting stuff together to start my own Podcast show, that will be called Rav's World, it will stream live on Ustream, and possibly JustinTV, and then recorded segments will be uploaded to Itunes, so if you miss a show, you will be able to download it, and watch it anytime you want later. Anyway, there is a lot of work, and thought that goes into putting a podcast together, so I'm not 100% that I will get this off the ground, but I am seriously thinking about it.

Anyway, back to Rogan....I have enjoyed reading Rogans, blog way back before I ever even moved to California. Joe Rogan is a very progressive thinker like myself, and I find a lot of what he is putting out there pretty facinating. So, with this whole Charlie Sheen deal, I really couldn't wait for the podcast to get Joe's whole take on this whole issue.

Podcast's are long, but if you have the time...watch a show. The Joe Rogan Experience is my favorite show. I love listening to other progressive thinkers like myself who have the same take on the world in general that I do myself. Keep in mind it is kind of a Man Show with lots of profanity, so if that offends you, than you probably don't want to click the link.

Click here for his latest Podcast

Damn, I had to come back, and edit, because I forgot to include this video which actually I wanted to be the main theme of the blog post, but because of Charlie Sheen it got trumped. This is the performance artist video talked about it the show..

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