Thursday, October 9, 2014

Image is Everything - Episode 3 - Guest Singer, Songwriter, Ms ElleAX


Pixel Peeps, first things first, I want to apologize for no episode last week. I've been marred with technical problems with my iMac. My iMac is a couple years old, and has a one terabyte hardrive, that is completely full. 

So, I have been having major problems just getting a podcast recorded, and rendering the file. I also have a external one terabyte, that only has about 50gigs of space left, so, I literally have been having to find items to delete, and do a MacSweeper to free up enough space to get an episode recorded, and rendered. After spending a week, cleaning, and reconfiguring things on my computer, I thought I had it all figured out, only to run into the exact same problems plaguing me again this week.

I've invested in all the podcast equipment to produce, record, and provide a show, so I am not about to give up. I just need to really figure out my hard drive, and maybe start deleting some very expensive software that I never really use, like ProTools etc, or invest in a computer dedicated solely to the podcast. 

This is also why the show is delayed as of today, but it's finally up, after spending all day trying to get it done. I did miss my 3pm deadline, and wasn't able to clean up the audio as much as I had wanted, but I think it's still clear enough to listen to. I actually had loaded the show, and because I was running so far behind I actually didn't listen to the entire episode, but after loading, and getting ready to send to iTunes, and Stitcher Radio, I started listening only to find the recording had been corrupted in rendering, so, I had to just go back to square one, and do it all over. Finally, got the finished recording, and spent an hour, and listened to the entire one hour show, just to make sure there wasn't anymore glitches.

I just wanted to apologize to anyone who may have been waiting all day on the show, I was working diligently to make it happen.


It was a real special treat to have the multitalented, Ms ElleAX, and her good friend the very elusive Ms Nai Qazi travel out to the Desert Compound, to do the show. I was honored, and blessed, to have them travel out.  I had originally planned to have Nai, on the show, but she has this thing about no media, and staying completely out of the media spotlight, but really her, and I stayed up all night shooting photos of the Blood Moon, and she was in no condition to interview, so, since ElleAX was well rested, she, filled in.

Keep in mind though, that in this day, and time, Ms Nai Qazi (right in the photo) who is embedded in creativeness in music, video production, and a long list of other things has absolutely no Social Media presence, she has no twitter, no facebook, or personal instagram. I really don't know how she does it, and with that being said, she is a girl who knows everyone. I had really planned on asking her, and getting to the bottom of her being so, elusive, and how she lives everyday in a world, that is consumed with social media on all levels, and she doesn't even have a Facebook page. Very intriguing to me, to say the least. Hopefully, I'll be lucky enough to get her on the show someday, and find out the key reasons, she stays completely off social media bandwagon.

Anyway, without further ado, here, is Episode 3 with singer, songwriter, future published book author, Ms ElleAx. I actually met ElleAx through Ms Nai, and we have all become very good friends, from attending social events in Hollywood, working on co-producing some great photoshoots, video's among other things. 

Be sure to check out Ms ElleAx

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