Thursday, October 16, 2014

Image is Everything - Episode 4 - Manual mode, or Auto for Beginners

In this Episode of, "Image is Everything" I will try to answer the question of should you as a beginning Photographer shooting your first requested photoshoot, even though for free, should you start off in manual, or auto-mode. I'll give you my insight, and opinion on the topic.

In Photography News: Addressing, and talking about the four UCSB Researchers, and Photographers who one was killed on the railroad trestle close to Santa Barbara, CA this past weekend.

Last, but not least I will give you my initial thoughts on the newly released Nikon D750, which is all the buzz all over the Internet these days. Being a Nikon D700 owner, I will give you my initial thoughts on this camera.

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I just want to THANK YOU all so much for listening, and all the support for this new show...... means the world to me, and I can thank you enough. ~RAV


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