Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Chris Stapleton - From A Room Vol. 1

Hey Y'all,

Anyone Chris Stapleton Fans, like myself?

Well, if you are I have some really great news.
Chris's new album is now available for download on iTunes.  Click Here

I'm super excited to announce I got my very first ever fully paid sponsorship deal with none other than Chris's label, which is UMG Nashville.

I had worked on doing a YouTube promo video to pre-promote Chris's new album before it's release date on May 5th, but the way the world works these days, Amy my contact at UMG being super busy things on approval for the video were delayed, but after watching the video they still decided to go ahead with approving it and have me release the video today.

Being a huge Chris Stapleton fan myself I literally could not be any happier to be one of the chosen few to get a chance to tell you about this great new album. I have listened to the new track "Broken Halos" on repeat since I downloaded it.

I'm really excited about Chris's new music and I am sure you will be too.

Anywho, be sure and also check out my latest YouTube video, but more importantly, don't forget to buy Chris's new album and help support an artist we love.

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