Friday, February 17, 2017

iOgrapher iPhone 6s Plus - Unboxing and First Look

Turn your iPhone 6 Plus, 6s Plus, into a Pro Video Camera!

Do you own an iPhone 6 Plus, 6s Plus?

Have you seen any of my Vlog Series and wondered what camera I use to record my vlogs?

If so listen up, this might be for you. 

In this video

I will be discussing in detail all of my DSLR Nikon Camera bodies and what camera I chose to film all of my YouTube vlogs.

I will also be unboxing the iOgrapher and setting it up, giving my initial impressions of it.

Giving you a good look at what this rig can and will look like on the professional video making level. 


If you can't afford or even don't know how to use a professional DSLR, but you presently own an iPhone Plus version. This video is for you....with this rig I can show you how to have a professional video filming rig that will be good enough quality video to film anything from your kids, to even starting your own YouTube channel. 

If you would like to own an iOgrapher or anything else you see in this video, as always I have direct links to everything below. 
You can dump your DSLR

Special note:

By clicking on any of the links below I will be getting a small commission, but that commission among other things are what make it possible for me to keep making and improving the videos I offer here for free. 

So, thank you in advance for all of your support.

I literally could not be doing this without all of you!

Peace, Love and Chicken Grease, Rav.

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