Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Thumbtack Scam?

That's the question I had been asking myself for a little over a month since signing up for the new Thumbtack service.

Is it real, or too good to be true? A few years ago, I signed up for another lead service only to buy a block of leads to find out it was totally a scam, and as quick as the website showed up on the web, it disappeared.

So, when I actually saw the ads running for Thumbtack on Facebook, I was very leery this time around, but I decided to give it a fair shot, and see exactly what I could find out, and if I could verify myself whether it was a legit means of finding potential photography customers, or was this gonna be another scam, that offered something that seems legit, but would never deliver, and they would just walk away with your hard earned money.

Well, I have done a Vblog hopefully answering your questions. Is Thumbtack a scam, or is legit. Ultimately you will have to be the judge, and judge by your own experience, failure, or success with the lead service.

Below is a video documenting my own experience as a Professional Photographer using Thumbtack.com.

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