Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Image is Everything Episode 5 - Guest Ms AlliCat Arkfeld

As the old adage goes, "better late, than never".

Last Thursday's podcast is just now being loaded on Tuesday morning the 28th of Oct, for reasons that I have had company in the studio going on two straight weeks.

First I had Ms Nai Qazi, and ElleAX come out, and visit for a weekend, and do the show, than the very next weekend, I had my girl, Ms AlliCat Arkfeld come out for the weekend, and we did some Photo hiking in the Joshua Tree National Park, and she did the Podcast as well the two Sundays ago before leaving back to LA, unfortunately I only had her for a half an hour, which meant there was still an half hour of show to produce, and as soon as she left Sunday I had to leave for LA, and pick up my next Podcast victim Ms Cissy Ly, who ended up doing two days of shooting, and the Podcast as well, but with her being with a new agency we literally had to drive to LA, and back a couple times, so within one week, of her being here. I drove just over a thousand miles, and with doing her shoot, and all of her edits for her book. I've gotten way behind. Clients, and shooting will always come first for me.....

Anyway, without further ado, here is the podcast with my interview with, Ms AlliCat Arkfeld, and I also touch base on the popularity of Facebook Groups, and the potential positive, and negative effects of CCing your photos, and art.

Hope you enjoy the show.....I am actively looking for sponsors, so, if you want to get a spot on the show please contact me, and let me know.

UPDATE: Thursday, October, 30, 2014. If you listen to the show with MS AlliCat Arkfeld, there has been a write up in the Long Beach Press Telegram for the event she was promoting, and talking about. Follow the link for the story. Dramatic Results wins two million grant for arts


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