Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Viltrox L116T LED Light - Unboxing & Review

Do you know how expensive video lighting is?

There is no other way to say lighting, especially nice bright LED lighting is expensive.
As some of you know a couple of Keno Flos can set you back several thousand dollars.

This has been my dilemma since venturing into the video realm and now getting serious about it.

Being a Professional Still Photographer, nothing drives me more insane than badly lit videos.

After much research, I came across this very thin small LED light, the Viltrox L116T.

In this video:

We will be unboxing and taking a quick look at the Viltrox L116. 
My first impressions of the light are I am impressed to get such great light out of such a small light.

I literally can't believe just how thin these are.

The Light Comes with:

The light literally comes with no other accessories other than a tripod light stand adapter. 

*No Battery
*No Power Cable
*No Light Stand

You will have to either order batteries or if you are lucky as myself I have two Sony Camcorders that use the NP model battery that powers the light. So, I have two batteries and was another reason I chose this particular light.


I will be using this light extensively in studio and on location to see how well it holds up under real world conditions, but as of right now I plan on purchasing two more. 

I just have not seen a LED this thin and small that puts out this type of light and the fact it's battery powered is just remarkable.

So what's the price?

You're looking at right around $35 from Amazon for just the light. If you know anything about video lighting that is literally almost completely unbelievable. 

If you would like to purchase one of these for yourself there's a direct link below the video. 

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